Wednesday, March 16, 2011


     So, yesterday afternoon, I loaded my big boy Matthew into my husband's truck and we made our way into Norfolk. I felt a little panicky as I pulled away, leaving Kiki for the first time ever overnight.

After our arrival in the city, Matthew and I bought tickets to see a movie at the theater. Then we played video games, had our pictures taken in the photo booth, and bought popcorn, candy, and soda at the counter. It was his first time ever, and he yelled as we walked in, "Mommy! That is the biggest TV I have ever seen!"

After the movie, we drove through the drive through at McDonald's and checked into the Ronald McDonald house for the night. I cannot say enough about that place. It is a Godsend to have a place like that available to those who need it. We ate our late dinner at the counter in the kitchen, then watched Phineas and Ferb until midnight.

This morning, we woke at 7 am and decided to have our pancake breakfast at the hospital cafeteria. Then, we wandered around looking at things until his appointment time.
At 9:30, he was taken back for his EEG/ pirate hat. (The very first EEG he had, he was wearing a pirate shirt and it was just before Halloween, hence, the pirate hat thing.) While he took a nap, I waited in the waiting room. Afterward, we had ice cream!

Our appointment with the neurologist was at 11:30. When we were brought back into teh room, I still had no clue what the results of the EEG were. The doctor came in and told us that the results were NORMAL. He then went on to give us a schedule for weaning Matthew off of his seizure medication!!!!!!!!!!!

I am believing in God's complete healing for my boy, because not believing 100% is not an option! I am excited that my child gets to experience life WITHOUT seizures, WITHOUT medication, WITHOUT spending his days coping with the side effects of either. 

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