Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I received 4 packages this afternoon! Andrew was not happy about getting his new algebra book, but I sure am!  Phonics Road for both Sarah and Hannah, DIVE Physical science CDs, and fabric for Matty's quilt came too!

Waiting................Stalking.............Going Mad............

 Like many homeschooling moms, I am constantly trolling for new ideas, products, and curriculum. Last week, I had the opportunity to order some long awaited (and needed) schoolbooks for the kids. 5 separate orders, 5 deliveries to wait for. In case you're wondering, here is what I have ordered:
from TRISMS: www.trisms.com
 Discovering the Ancient World for Andrew. He is slightly behind in his 8th grade year because of the extensive camping he did last year with the Scouts and family. So consequently, he will be working on this one throughout the summer.
I also ordered the High School Resource pack AND the Started Resource set with the IEW (Institute For Excellence in Writing) schedule. Unfortunately, the only shipping option was via media mail, so the one thing I desperately need NOW, I have to wait for.
Next up- Phonics Road to English Grammar for Hannah and Sarah. I know it was shipped priority last week,  so here's to hoping.......
Leap Frog learning videos from Amazon- For Matthew, of course. He is such a visual learner, and because of that I am hoping to steer him away from Spiderman for awhile. Also waiting on various spelling books from them too.
AOPS Algebra 1 for Andrew. Again, a late start ( I wanted him to start this in August), but I hope to have him finish by the end of the summer. 
DIVE Physical science DVD from BJU Press. This is to go with what I bought from a private seller.....

Now...from private sellers I am waiting on...
BJU Physical science text, teacher's manual, tests,  lab books, and lab videos.
TRISMS History Makers for my middle-schoolers.
DVD lectures on American History and World History originally from www.GreatCourses.com

So, now that you know what I am waiting for... know that I am LOSING MY MIND waiting! I will, when I get the goods, post reviews about each of the new things I ordered. BAH HUMBUG.

The Amazing, Flying Kiki

 Saturday, the kids all decided to spend their own money on this jumping thing at the mall. For a dollar extra, I signed up Kiki, but thought she would be the one who would freak out and start crying as she is the cautious child. She was the last to jump, and from the second they put the harness on her body, she was all grins! She needed no instruction, jumping before everything was ready. The lady grabbed her leg and gave her a tug, and suddenly, she was flying 20 feet in the air!!!!!! After the first few "jumps" even the people just walking by in the mall stopped and pointed. By the end of her 10 minute run, she had well over 100 people pointing and laughing with her! It is not everyday that you get to see a flying two year old! When the ride was over, her eyes were all sparkly and she was grinning from ear to ear. All you have to do now is ask her if she likes to fly, and she will shoot you that million dollar smile and tell you all about it! To see her so happy was well worth the money spent on the other kids!

A New Boyfriend

"Mommy, Daddy is not your boyfriend anymore," says Matthew amid much head wagging and finger pointing, "He is dumping you! I am your new boyfriend now!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grown Up Matt

"Mommy, when I get married, I want a ceiling fan in my house. And my kids will have only one chore.....To wash my Spiderman costumes."